Web Page Design 2

Stevens High School

2011-2012 School Year

One Semester – ½ credit

Completion of Information & Communication Technology 1 and Web Page Design 1 is highly recommended for success in this class.

COURSE DESCRIPTION--Take your web design skills to the real-world. You are part of a team that creates and maintains a dynamic website. With study of advanced topics, you will further refine your web site skills in planning, developing, producing, testing, and maintaining websites.
COURSE OBJECTIVES--Upon completion of this course, students will:
(1) Analyze the parts of a technological system in terms of input, process, output, and feedback; the relationships and connections between technologies in different field of study and how they apply to communities.
(2) Understand the purpose and demonstrate the use of the design process in problem solving; the safe, ethical, legal, and societal issues related to technology.
(3) Recognize and demonstrate skills in operating technological systems.
(4) Use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.
(5) Evaluate and select information tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.
(6) Understand the purpose of information technologies to communicate with a variety of collaborators.
(7) Exchange information and ideas for an identified purpose through information technologies.
CLASS ASSIGNMENTS/ATTENDANCE/MAKE-UP WORK--All assignments should clearly indicate: Student’s Name, Assignment Identification, Class Period, and Date. Late work is not accepted. Students absent from class must complete missed work on their own time. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up work for excused absences and to turn it in within the correct time frame. According to school policy, you will have one day for each day of absence plus one additional day to complete make-up work.
GRADING PROCEDURES--Attendance, daily assignments/activities, tests, quizzes, projects, classroom participation and attitude comprise the points that will determine the final grade according to the District grading scale, which is posted in the room. The final grade is composed of 90% from the semester’s work plus 10% from the final exam.

Harassment--There is zero tolerance for any harassment toward each other including all staff and students.
Food/Beverage--No food is allowed in the classroom. (Our computers are already well fed!) Beverages must come with a cap/lid and be placed on the floor.
Power Switches/Damage--No unauthorized handling of equipment, power switches, or supplies. The student is responsible for replacing or paying for any damaged equipment or materials.
Cleanliness—Please place chairs under the tables and clean up your work area before leaving the room!
Plagiarism/Copyrighted Material--Copying and plagiarizing is unprofessional, unethical, and unacceptable. “Borrowing” or plagiarizing of any kind will result in a ‘0’ for that assignment. When using an author’s work, give credit for reference sources cited. In addition, copying any copyrighted software is a Federal crime. No copying from or to the school’s computers will be allowed, no software from an outside source is allowed.
Internet Usage--School District policy regarding Internet usage will be followed.
Copying someone else’s work will cause both you and the person who permitted you to copy to receive a zero for the assignment or may result in dismissal from the course.
Games--Please enjoy your games during your free time at home. Games are allowed only with permission from the instructor during this class. This is a zero tolerance policy.
Cell Phones/Electronic Devices--School District policy regarding cells phones will be followed. All electronic devices--including but not limited to iPods, Mp3 Players, iPads, iTouch, Smart phones, and gaming devices—may be used only with permission from the instructor.